Medik App for Medical Profesional, Healthcare Provider or Healthcare Related Services

Medik for professionals is an application for service providers such as pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, laboratories, radiology, ambulances to health professionals such as doctors, midwives and nurses

Medik for professionals has features such as an easy-to-use clinic or hospital information system and an online medical record system for medical personnel such as doctors, nurses and midwives

Medik App for User or Patient

Medik for health service users is an application for patients who seek health services through applications such as pharmacies, drug delivery services, ambulances, doctor's practices, nurses, midwives, laboratories, radiology, clinics and hospitals

Medik Application aims to help you access health services in one platform, easily, interconnected between health services so that your health reports can be measured from time to time

Medik has a health status diagram feature, examination graphs such as blood sugar test results, oxygen saturation, and recent records of blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rates, height and weight

Other features such as transaction history of health services, chat, voice or video calls with medical personnel as well as a list of drugs that must be taken regularly